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WELCOME..... The Floaty Pen Zone. My website is basically a collection of my floaty pens from around the world. It was launched online on 9th April 2000.

Before you leave my website tell me what you think of it, by taking a moment to Sign My Guestbook. Please leave any comments or suggestions that you might have, and tell me about your floaty pen collection.

My name is Stephen Kenneth and I live in High Lane which is about 16 miles south of Manchester (England). Most people enjoy collecting something or other and I enjoy collecting floaty pens. It all started in 1988 when I went on holiday to Denmark. It was actually on the way to Denmark whilst on a ferry that I saw this unusual pen. I liked the way the ship floated up and down and I thought it was a bit different from other pens so I bought it. Little did I know it was going to be the beginning of a collection.

My First Floaty Pen

It wasn't until about three years later that I bought my second pen and I've been collecting ever since. Everybody I know, family, friends, friends of friends and work colleagues are always on the look out for floaty pens wherever they go.

My favourite floaty pen is the Collectors United floaty pen, because it has my name included on it. The pen was delivered to me in December 2000. If you would like to own this floaty pen or you would like more information about it, then please go to Collectors United Floaty Pen page.

My Favourite Floaty Pen

My most unusual floaty pens have no image floating in it but amber and miniature rocks. The Amber pen (top) was bought from the Amber Shop in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 1998, the Miniature Rock pen (middle) was bought from the Smithsonian Institution Museum Of Natural History in Washington D.C. (USA) in 2001 and the Paua Shell pen (bottom) was was bought from a cafe in Makarora (New Zealand) in 2005.

My Most Unusual Floaty Pens

My Most Unusual Floaty Pens

My Most Unusual Floaty Pens

My most expensive floaty pen is a Kylie Minogue 'Fever' floaty pen which cost me 15. The pen was bought from a mail order company in London (England) in 2002. For more information about it, please go to Kylie Minogue 'Fever' Floaty Pen page.

My Most Expensive Floaty Pen

Within my website you can view all the floaty pens that I have collected over the years from around the world. They are listed under the Country they were bought in or you can view the Latest Floaty Pen Additions to see what pages my newest floaty pens have been added to. I do have other non Eskesen floaty pens but I am not including them in my website. You can also view My Duplicates List of floaty pens available for swapping, all The Types Of Floaty Pens available, Christmas Cards sent to me by Eskesen. You can read all about Eskesen and My TV Appearance.
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A special thank you to everyone who has got a floaty pen for me, Eskesen for letting me use their logo in my website, and for sending me some floaty pens to add to my collection.

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I will be adding floaty pens as soon as I get them.
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