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These are just some links to Floaty Pen websites, in no particular order

The home of the original makers of the world famous floaty pens

Float About
Where you can buy or trade floaty pens or read the Float About Newsletter

Float Art Design
Specialising in the design, creation and distribution of Eskesen floaty pens. Let them help you create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece

Susan And Russell's Floaty Pens
Includes floaty pen info and images. The 'floating' console will lead you around their collection

Go With The Flo-at!
Includes a floaty pen survey, trading lists and images

Tracy Uzzel's Floaty Pen Page
Tracy has created her page to share her floaty pen collection. Also likes to trade

RootBeer Float Pen Club
Dedicated to the enjoyment of collecting floaty pens. Become a member of the RootBeer Float Pen Club

Patty's Floaty Pen Collection
Has a list of duplicate floaty pens available for trading, and a top 10 of favourite floaty pens

Nancy's Floaty Pens To Trade
Nancy's Favourite Floaty Pens
Nancy's Floaty Pen History Of Art
Nancy Knechtel has three floaty pen pages for you to visit

Petra's Website
Petra's website includes floaty pen images and a trading list

Ralf's Floaty Pen Site
Ralf's website includes floaty pen images, a trading list, a wants list and more

Elly's Floaties
Elly's website includes floaty pen images. Elly has only recently started collecting floaty pens, but hopes her collection will grow fast