It all started when I got an e-mail through my website from ITV1 Wales (previously called HTV Wales) on Wednesday 11th September 2002. It said that they were doing a TV programme on collectables and could I telephone them, so I did.
When I telephoned them I was asked a few questions about my collection and asked if would like to go on the programme. Anyway I was told that they would need to check with the programme director and that they would let me know the following week. Within half an hour I was telephoned back and they said they wanted me to go on the programme.
I was told that the programme was called 'Bric A Brac' and that recording would take place on Tuesday 1st October 2002 at the ITV1 Wales Television Centre in Culverhouse Cross near Cardiff.
I left my home in High Lane on Monday 30th September 2002 at 9.30am and I arrived in Culverhouse Cross at 4.00pm (I did stop off at a few places on the way). I had a look around at the area and went to the Copthorne Hotel, which ITV1 Wales had booked for me. It was very nice.
On Tuesday 1st October 2002 I arrived at the Television Centre at 9.00am, which was only around the corner from my hotel. It took me about 50 minutes to set up my floaty pens on some stands which were provided. Before my part was recorded I met Arfon Haines Davies who presents 'Bric A Brac' and we discussed my floaty pen collection. We did a rehearsal and a few run throughs before it was recorded.
I mentioned the following floaty pens: DFDS Seaways (My First Floaty Pen), Kylie Minogue 'Fever' (My Most Expensive Floaty Pen), Miniature Rock Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Museum Of Natural History (My Most Unusual Floaty Pen), Eskesen Collectors United (My Favourite Floaty Pen), Harry Potter and Heinz. All of my other floaty pens were on display on a table and in the background.
After we had finished recording my it took me 30 minutes to pack my floaty pens away. I then had some lunch in the 'Green Room'. By now it was about 1.15pm and it was time to set off home. I arrived home at 5.30pm and my total mileage for the round trip was 471.
The programme was shown on ITV1 Wales on Monday 28th October 2002 at 2.30pm. As I can't get ITV1 Wales where I live in High Lane, which is 16 miles south of Manchester, I asked if they could send me a video of the programme, and they did. A lot had been edited out. I was only shown for two minutes, my recording was originally about four minutes long. I mentioned Eskesen and some of my other floaty pens in the original recording but it was all cut out. All in all after the excitement of waiting to see myself on television it was a bit disappointing.

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