Founded in 1946 Eskesen A/S is a Danish company situated in Store Merløse on the island of Sjælland, less than an hour's drive from Copenhagen.
Eskesen develops, manufactures and markets plastic products as Souvenirs, Retail Merchandise or Promotional Products. As well as ballpoint pens they also produce key chains, lighters, bottle openers and toothbrushes.
The flagship in the floating action line is the world famous floaty ballpoint pen that was developed in the early 1950s. It is unique by having a sensational function - the design moves within the barrel.
Maintaining high manufacturing standards has been a keynote throughout the company's history. Eskesen's awareness of the environment resulted in the company obtaining official Danish approval. Their business now complies with the very strict requirements laid down by the authorities.
Their customers, in close co-operation with their sales team, develop new concepts. Eskesen's team of ten artists then present finished artwork and complete samples free of charge.
By having a centralised sales and manufacturing unit they can assure that their customer's have reliable deliveries.
Eskesen continually develops its floating action and acrylic lines with new variations to meet customer's requirements and market trends. They export to more than 60 countries around the world and have a staff of approximately 50 employees.
As of 1st January 2004 Eskesen has new owners, Svend Erik Kriby and Ole Schneider. They have assumed management and ownership of the company. Both owners come from business backgrounds and between them they are well versed in sales, marketing and production. They will play an active role in management and pen production. Fresh capital has been injected into the company and the Eskesen name lives on.
The plant will continue to produce and develop the one and only real Danish float pen at the Store Merløse location in Denmark.
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