There are two Collectors United floaty pens which were made in 2000. If you look closely, you will see two globes positioned below the balloon, one for Europe and the other features North America. The design is the same for both floaty pens, the only difference is the caption panel, which has different floaty pen collector's names on it (see below).

Eskesen Collectors United... Tina Ashby Andy Balbus Beverly Broadstone
La Nea Conner Sean Fremon Lisa Goodwin Alex Irvine Norm Kautt
Stephen Kenneth Harris Lindenfeld Chris Markgraf Linda McCormick
Alice Miller Margot Naber Violet Neff Kim Newell Petra van Osch
Annie Ross Numi Solomons Mike Traynor Patricia White
Craig Wilson...

Eskesen Collectors United... Jean-Yves Arnoult Marnella Bak Bill Brill
Lynda Burstein Mavis Francis Haruo Funatsu Nancy Given Jeff Hunt
Sarah James Edward Lai Besty Lee Suzanne Leenen Micale Maddox
Lori Mazzei Charles Mercer Nancy Nerenberg Dee Paparatto
Linda Sienkiewicz Finn Sorensen Karen Swanson Janice Vega Lee Williams
Miranda Wittebol...

I have 33 Collectors United floaty pens (with the top set of names on), I'm keeping 10 pens for myself, family and friends, which leaves 23 to swap with other collectors. If you would like to own a Collectors United floaty pen then please Contact Me. Obviously I'm only interested in swapping Eskesen floaty pens. Could you also please check through my collection to make sure that I haven't got the floaty pen you intend to swap.

Many thanks,